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Data Exporter for act! 

The data export utility will export all data from a specific table or from ANY table in the ACT SQL database. To export data please read this help topic: Exporting Data

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Every time you export data a log file is created. Please read this help topic for more information Log File. The Exporter supports two different file format; CSV or XML.

Exporting data is as simple as 1-2-3. Please follow these instructions to complete an export.



 1. Click Open ACT Database Using this button please locate your ACT database file (*.pad) Once selected you will be prompted to enter your user name and password. Opening the database will present you with a list of tables available to export. By default only the primary tables are displayed. If you need to export data from secondary table please click on the "Show secondary and system tables" option. Please a check mark in your desired tables to export.
2. Click Select folder destination Using this button please to select the folder destination where the export will place the CVS or XML files. All export files will be named the same as the table name. You may also change the file type from CVS to XML.
3. Click Export Data Now A progress bar will notify you when the exprt is completed.

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