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IMPORT|IT supports you in importing data into Act!

IMPORT|IT for Act!: Import data easily and securely

Importing external data into Act! is also partly possible with the standard Act! functions; however, this often proved to be unsatisfactory in the functional scope, since many imports had to be processed manually and links had to be made manually. With the software IMPORT|IT, a module of the DATA|SUITE, for Act! we provide you with a tool that enables the import from very different sources and in various formats. This makes it very easy to add or merge required data from tables, create new schemata and freely define activities and search criteria.
Import of data such as histories, notes and activities
Assignment to contacts, groups, companies and sales opportunities with freely definable criteria for finding the corresponding master data record
Creation of activities for imported contacts and companies
Freely definable criteria for the data to be imported
Supported formats: txt, csv, xls, mdb, Act!, ODBC, Paradox, MYSQL, Firefox and SQL

Avoid duplicates, synchronize, update and link data

Do you work in areas where records you work with in Act! often need to be changed or completed? Then you will particularly appreciate the benefits of the IMPORT|IT software. This is not limited to the mere import of your data - depending on the selected edition, additional intelligent features make routine work easier.
Duplicate identification by selectable attributes
Company creation and linking during contact import
Inheritance of company data to contacts
Categorization of imported contacts by dynamic or static group assignment
Duplicates, for example, are identified by selectable attributes, imported data records are compared with new versions. Contacts can be assigned to groups dynamically or statically, and you can also create and link companies during the import. IMPORT|IT for Act! supports all common file formats such as CSV, TXT or XLS.

Clear and easy to use: Schematics for your data management

To work with IMPORT|IT, you use schemata that are clearly displayed when you open the relevant menu item. You can create new schemata, edit, copy or delete already imported schemata, start actions, and specify a sequence of files to import if required. Additional features are available in which you can define the type of data imports, make individual settings or determine the rules for the duplicate check. Need to regularly import data via an interface? Then simply use the time-controlled execution with SERVICE|IT, which you can set up according to your own requirements!

No more schema F: five editions for every need

Which functions and features IMPORT|IT offers you in detail depends on the selected edition. Since it has proved useful to offer different variants for occasional use and for professional use, we have made five editions available to you.

BASIC - the entry-level variant
STANDARD - additional data formats and useful features
ADVANCED - offers you further import formats
PROFESSIONAL - extended by import options from various database systems In the Basic Edition you use all essential basic functions of IMPORT|IT, for example the import of primary and secondary contacts, the possibility to link and categorize and import tables (in combination with TABLE|IT).

Already in the Standard Edition you can import additional histories, notes and groups with the data records. In the Advanced Edition this is extended by the import of sales opportunities and activities as well as documents. Standard values and virtual columns can also be configured here independently. Besides the ASCII (CSV) files, which are available as sources in the Basic and Standard editions, the Advanced Edition also supports ACT! as well as MS Excel, MS Access and XML source files. 

IMPORT|IT editions

We offer our add-on in the following editions: BASIC, STANDARD, ADVANCED und PROFESSIONAL. Please see the functions table below to view the exact functional differences. 

Functional differences between the IMPORT|IT editions

Contacts + + + +
Secondary contacts + + + +
companies + + + +
Add documents zu companies (PDF, doc, xls...) + + + +
Add documents to contacts (PDF, doc, xls...) + + + +
Create companies and link contacts to companies during import/update of contacts + + + +
Link contacts to groups during import/ update of contacts + + + +
User defined tables (Act! 10.02 or higher) * * * *
Runs as a windows service ** ** ** **
Add notes, histories and activities - + + +
Groups - + + +
Histories - + + +
Notes - + + +
Opportunities - - + +
Activities - - + +
Merge opportunities - - + +
Document import - - + +
Add a default value - - + +
Assign contacts/ companies to users/ teams - - + +
User import - - + +
Virtual columns - - + +
ASCII (CSV)   + + +
MS Excel - - + +
XML - - + +
Ready-to-sync-Methode - - + +
Navision - - + +
Database formats
Act! - - + +
MS Access - - + +
MySQL - - - +
FoxPro - - - +
Firebird - - - +
Oracle - - - +
ODBC - - - +
Paradox - - - +
MS-SQL - - - +


* only when CRMADDON TABLE|IT is in use

** SERVICE|IT is required

CRMADDON Add-ons for Act! are registered once at the time of installation for the existing version of Act!. As long as you stay with this Act! version the updates for the add-ons are free of charge.

You can upgrade to a higher edition at any time. When upgrading from one version to a higher version (e.g. BASIC to ADVANCED), the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us in this matter.

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