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Current release back to Act! 2010

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Importer4Act! is our import tool. We’ve been using it for nearly five years, and now we’re making it available to the public! With a plethora of options for data sources, linking methods, de-dupe settings, and the exclusive pre-import report, you’ll never be stuck unable to bring data into Act!.

  • Import from CSV, Excel, Access, .NET Dataset, Act! Databases, or SQL Database Servers.
  • Import into Contacts, Companies, Opps, Secondary Contacts, Groups, Picklists, and more.
  • Creates new fields from source
  • De-dupe data when importing
  • Specify fields for linking to a record on import
  • Create or link to Companies
  • Set limited access to Record Manager
  • Apply Proper case to text
  •  Strip RTF, HTML, or XML from Notes and Histories on import
  • Choice to Replace, update blank, update existing, append, or insert field data on import

Demonstration Video:

Please note: As with all our products that make mass changes to your database, we strongly recommend backing up your database before using this product, and practicing on a non-production copy of your database.

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