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Licensing: Perpetual
Compatibility: Current release back to Act! 2010

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If you need to export all your data from Act! to CSV files for importing into another CRM program, you need Exporter4Act!. This program will export all the tables as separate CSV files, so that your activities, notes, histories, opportunities, company and contact field data can be migrated safely, quickly, and completely.

  • Exports each table to a separate CSV file
  • Includes display names rather than column names
  • All fields exported, including linking ID fields. ( contactID, CompanyID, Etc.)
  • Includes Activity, History, and Note linking table.
  • Easy to use

By itself Act! can only export field data from the Contact table, leaving a lot of vital historical data behind. Exporter4Act! eliminates the need for this compromise as you start your new CRM with the same data as your old one.

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