Product Description

What does it do?

With dpSmartField tool you can:

  • Concatenate multiple Act fields to populate custom Act field.
  • Have an Act field populate from another source in SQL table or view. (Requires DataPlus 4.0)
  • Execute batch commands, performing unlimited tasks.
  • Custom configurations are available by contacting us.

dpSmartField tool can be used in Act:

  • Contact layout
  • Company layout
  • Opportunity layout
  • Group layout

What can you see?

  • In your custom Act layout you will now have "Custom" tab in the Act layout "ToolBox".
  • You create a button in the location of your choice, to execute dpSmartField.
  • You modify properties of button with the formula to populate target field,
  • Click on your custom button and your target field will populate with the data that has been configured
  • Additional examples

How does it work?

In the Act contact detail screen simply click on the button you created and the target field will populate based on the formula or command that was configured


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Act v20, Act v21
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