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Copy System Fields

Access those inaccessible "system" fields on your Act! contact records.

Copy System Field provides the capability to copy the contents of an Act! “system” field to a non-“system” field on contacts records, allowing the user to perform searches and sorts on that field’s values.

There are a few operations that users may wish to perform on all fields in their Act! database, such as a search/lookup or sort. For example, you may want to locate all the contacts with George Washington as the Record Manager, or put your contacts in order, newest to oldest, based on Create Date. However, these fields (and some others, such as Edit Date and Email Address) are Act! “system” fields, and are not available for use in lookups and sorts.

Copy System Field offers the ability to select one of these “system” fields as the “source” for a copy operation, and allows you to copy the contents of a “system” field to any non-system field. Once the copy is complete, you can then do all your normal operations, such as Lookup and Sort, on these non-system fields.

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