Act Phoney! - Unlimited Edition

Product Description

Act Phoney! is a data quality tool for act! to reformat and repair phone numbers. In future releases, it will provide the ability to validate phone numbers in some regions around the world.
Key Features
·      Apply Country Code to Phone Numbers (+)
·      Lookup Phone Numbers based on Country Code (+)
·      Reformat Phone Numbers based on act! Phone Formats (#)
·      Reformat Phone Numbers based on custom Phone Formats (#)
·      Remove invalid characters/letters from Phone Numbers (-)
·      Remove characters/letters from Phone Numbers based on a delimiter (|)
·      Remove specific characters/letters at the end of Phone Numbers (-)
·      Remove specific character/letters at the beginning of Phone Numbers (-)
·      Move characters/letters in Phone Numbers to History (->)
·      Move characters/letters in Phone Numbers to other Contact fields (->)

Unlimited Edition
·      Unlimited Edition is not limited to to use with a Single Database. It can be registered on a Single Machine and used with Multiple Databases 

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Act v18, Act v19, Act v20
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