Product Description

Automate Act! database maintenance processes and tasks

Automation of DATAISUITE and Database tasks

Automatize other addons and stay on top of all running processes

  • Automate data import tasks
  • Automate data export tasks
  • Chronological control
  • Database maintenance
  • Better performance
  • Backup creation
  • E-mail task alert

Automation of IMPORT|IT and EXPORT|IT

Save time by automating Act! data management functions such as data import and export. SERVICE|IT supports you in planning and implementing these automation processes and their timing. The service runs unnoticed as a Windows service in the background, even if no user is logged on to the system

Database maintenance tasks performed regularly

Especially in the area of data integrity, SERVICE|IT is an indispensable partner for maintaining consistency and regular cleansing of data records. SERVICE|IT takes over service tasks such as the regular creation of backups, history cleanup, splitting of the Act! attachment directory and many other functions.

Control by email notification

You can use SERVICE|IT to transfer specific tasks to the system for automatic completion. The integrated email function will inform you about the completion of these tasks. The more programs are used for certain business process tasks, the faster you lose the overview and can no longer monitor every process for execution. SERVICE|IT automatically keeps you up to date.


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Act! for Windows
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