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* Tables4Act! sold separately

Projects4Act! is the first completely integrated Project Management tool inside of Act!, in fact, your projects become part of your database. Projects4Act! utilizes custom table technology developed by Keystroke to manage countless projects amongst small or large teams of user to allow everyone to track log, and report on their progress towards completion.

Projects4Act! allows you to set goals, budget the time, and track work done during the process, while instantly providing you a visual graph of your progress. And the Projects4Act! Dashboard allows you to easily filter amongst a large number of projects, so you only see what you need to see.
The Tables technology allows you to build custom stages for each type of project, so that your project planning feels tailor made for the way you work. Keystroke developed this product for internal use, and we use it to track product development, deployments, business development, and even larger business planning.

Included with subscription:

- Tables4Act! (sold separately)
- Projects4Act!

** Each License requires one subscription of Tables4Act! for access to the custom tables within Projects4Act!. Tables4Act! subscription sold separately.

Please note that many of our Act4 and 4Act products require Tables4Act! to be installed in advance. When purchased online, the licenses for both are sent, but users looking to test-drive our Actcessories can download Tables4Act! separately at, and then the test product from the download link below.

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